Announcements - History 110, Fall 2014

The Unit 2 and 3 exam is not online at . Don't forget that it is due on Thursday, November 13th. On Monday, November 10th three of our TAs - Becky, Veronica, and Patrick - will hold an extra credit study session Founders Hall 163 from 5-7.

Things to consider when taking your exam:

  1. Try to avoid words like "all," "every," "the majority," or "most" unless you have clear evidence to support your use of these words. In most cases, the most appropriate word to use is "some." For instance, is it more accurate to say "some colonists came to North America in search of economic improvement" or "all colonists came to North America in search of economic improvement?
  2. Watch your language use. Be precise. Look up any words in the question that you do not understand.
  3. Remember that you are in college and you are expected to turn in academic writing which requires grammatically correct papers with no spelling errors. They need to be proof read by you or a friend before bringing them to class.
  4. Your answers cannot be "stream of conscious." I am not in your heads and cannot follow your own "stream" or thoughts. So you must be clear when answering each question.
  5. Do not turn in an incomplete exam. I expect that you will answer every question.
Extra Credit Films: If you attend any of the following films and stay for the discussion afterwards, you will receive extra credit. If you watch any of these films on your own, when you are finished you need to contact one of our Teaching Assistants. You will be expected to discuss the following with them: What was the most important thing you learned from the film about the historical issue, event, person? What course theme or themes did this movie illustrate? How and why?

Decoding your exams : Because I try to grade both classes in a timely manner, I do not have time to write extensive comments. Thus, I created a series of abbreviations and symbols as follows:






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