History 110 Extra Credit Videos and Films:

Students may view the following films (or any others that you feel are relevant and that the instructor approves) related to each unit of study. To receive credit, you must answer the four questions at the bottom of the page and turn them in to the instructor at the end of each unit. Add any extra credit video work to your journals.

Unit I
Africans in America (4 parts)*
Black Robe
The Crucible
Lighting the Seventh Fire*
The Mission
Myths and Moundbuilders*
The Place of FallingWaters Transitions: Destruction of a Mother Tongue*
Pocahontas: Her True Story*
Roots (at least 2 parts)
The Scarlett Letter
Surviving Columbus*
White Shamans, Plastic Medicine Men*

Unit II
Liberty* (one of the three parts)
Last of the Mohicans
Mary Silliman's War*
The Patriot
Shadow of Hate: A History of Intolerance in America*

Unit III
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman*
Civil War, Parts 1-8* (one or more parts)
Dances with Wolves
Digging for Slaves: The Excavation of American Slave Sites
Donner Party
Frederick Douglas: An American Life*
Geronimo and the Apache Resistance*
Gold Rush
Harriet Tubman*
How the West Was Lost, Part 1-6 (one or more parts)*
Indians, Outlaws, and Angie Debo*
Ishi, the Last Yahi*
I Will Fight No More Forever*
Jefferson's Blood
John Brown's Holy War*
Lewis and Clark*
Lincoln, Parts 1-4 (one or more parts)*
Mexican American War*
Midwife's Tale*
Mistress Madeline*
Out of Ireland*
The Duel*
The Irish in America*
The Iron Road: Story of America's First Transcontinental Railroad*
The Orphan Trains*
The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God
The US-Mexican War*
The West, Parts 1-4 (one or more parts)*
Thunderheart and Incident at Oglala* (must be seen together)
Where the Spirit Lives
White Man's Image*

 * Asterisk indicates that film is available in the library.

Questions to answer:

1. What is the basic theme(s) of this production?
2. How does the theme(s) support or refute the themes discussed class?
3. Do you think this film was a realistic portrayal of an historical event? Why or why not? Be specific.
4. In your opinion, is this movie of any real use to this course? Be specific about how and why.