History 383 - Dr. Gayle Olson-Raymer

California History Course Themes

  1. Geographical, cultural, ethnic, and geological diversity are primary ingredients in California's history.
  2. Interaction, assimilation, and conflict among racial and socioeconomic groups has shaped California's history.
  3. Since statehood, Californians have manipulated their environment in order to extract resources, build more complex economies, and attract and support larger populations.
  4. California's lack of water is perhaps the central fact of its existence - and various water policies have all depended on the manipulation of this scarce resource.
  5. California is a place of the extreme, the unusual, and the spectacular.
  6. In geographical terms, California is a very old place; in socio-political terms, California is a relatively new place.
  7. The real history of California is complex and filled with stories of both success and failure, power and oppression, interaction and conflict, extraordinary and ordinary individuals, environmental conservation and destruction.
  8. California's society is most accurately characterized by persistent inequality, attempts by certain groups to subordinate others, and inter-group tensions between those in power and those courageous Californians who have resisted social, economic, and political oppression.