Assignment #4: One-Day Constitution Lesson Plan

For this assigment, you will each pick a partner as you will be working in pairs. Each of ten pairs will be assigned a certain Article(s) of the Constitution to read, discuss, ask and answer questions, and then, to create a one-day lesson plan that you will teach in a small group of five students. On the day that the assignment is due, October 13, you will work in four different groups - one person from each pair will work in a group of five while the other person from each pair will work with the second group of five. This way, every person in the group will learn about each Article of the Constitution. You will have one day during class time to either work together in the classroom, go to the library, or go to a computer lab. You must check in with your professor before going elsewhere to work. I will be available in the classroom for any assistance.

While researching your Article in the Constitution and preparing to create a lesson plan, remember that if your students are going to be interested in the Constitution - a document that effects their everyday lives - it must be taught in a manner that makes it interesting and relevant to your lives. BE CREATIVE WITH THIS LESSON - TEACH IT THE WAY THE CONSTITUTION DESERVES TO BE TAUGHT!!!. Directions for the lesson plan are as follows:

On October 20, each pair must come to class with the typed, grammatically correct lesson plan. Then, one person from each pair will enter one group of five while the other person in the pair will enter the other group. Both groups must follow these directions: