Assignment #6: One-Day Constitution Teach-In (75 points)

For this assigment, you will do the following:

Please note: Each group is required to read one or more chapters in our required textbook, Our Constitution by Donald Ritchie. Please see your group assignment for the required chapter(s). You MUST use the information in these chapters to inform both your understanding of your section of the Constitution and to explain your section to the classmates in your expanded groups.

While researching your Article in the Constitution, remember that if your students are going to be interested in the Constitution - a document that effects their everyday lives - it must be taught in a manner that makes it interesting and relevant to your lives. BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR CHOICES ABOUT WHAT TO TEACH IN YOUR ARTICLE(S). YOU WANT YOUR STUDENTS TO UNDERSTAND THE CONSTITUTION- AND TO FIND IT INTERESTING!!!. Directions are as follows: