Assignment #5: Digital Literacy (25 points)

In today's world, it is important to recognize the importance that social media and all the devices that go along with it play in the lives of the students we teach. This assignment is meant to be an introduction to digital literacy - what it is, how teachers are currently using it in their classrooms, and how you think you might be able to use it in your own classroom. To that end, please use the Internet to complete the following:

  1. Find at least two online articles that deal with the topic of digital literacy - at least one must be a solid definitional understanding. After reading them both, please do the following:
  2. Find at least one online article that demonstrates how a teacher or school is currently using digital literacy. Briefly summarize how it is being used and be sure to include full citation for the article.
  3. After reading these articles and addressing the questions, briefly explain how and why you might use digital skills and digital literacy in a junior or senior high school history class.

Bring your assignment to class and be ready to discuss your findings with your classmates.