History 420 - Lesson Plan Worksheet (20 points)

This is the important step in creating an exciting lesson plan - converting what you learned from your research into a real learning experience for your students. You have already picked a thesis, learned a great deal about your topic through the eyes of at least two difference sources, determined your own interpretation, and decided whether or not your research still supported your original thesis. Now, it's time to take what you learned and make it into a lesson plan. This worksheet is the first step in that process and requires you to address the following:

  1. Describe how and why your topic supports one or more of your ten overall coursethemes. Which of your course themes will your support as you teach this lesson?
  2. Describe how you will introduce this topic by providing a brief link to what you have already taught. How will you link the focus and content of yesterday's lesson with the focus and content of today's lesson? In other words, how will you continue the story you are telling?
  3. Describe a possible hook that you will use to get your students' attention. How will you introduce/continue the lesson in a way that hooks student interest by making it interesting and relevant to their lives?
  4. Describe how you will transition from your hook to your content. How will you connect the hook directly to the lesson content?
  5. Provide a brief outline of the content of your lesson.
  6. Find at least one primary document that you will use in your lesson plan. This could be your hook, part of one of your teaching methods, or simply incorporated into your content.
  7. Describe at least two teaching methods you will use to teach your topic. What methods will you use to teach the content AND to assess how well they understood the content?