Assignment #7 (100 points) - Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Directions:  This assignment is divided into three distinct segments - listening to a podcast (about 6 minutes), watching a video (about 50 minutes), and reading Sherman Alexie's book. Thus, it will require you to begin working on this assignment at least a week or two in advance of when it is due. Please keep your written answers brief - so that the entire assignment is no more than 5 double-spaced pages or 2-1/2 single spaced pages. But please do think deeply about your answers as we will be discussing them in class.

  1. Listening. Listen to the 2007 Fresh Air Podcast with Sherman Alexie at  Please answer the following questions:
  2. Watching. Watch the November 3, 2007 video of Sherman Alexieat talking about what he calls his “semi-autobiographical” book.  Please answer the following:
  3. Reading. Now, armed with the above information, it is time to read the book. When you are done, please address the following questions: